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Submitted on
August 7, 2011


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character/designs for sale

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 7, 2011, 4:08 PM
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I have all these characters, like over 25. And I really don't need them all.. So I'm going to get rid of some of them. SO I guess I'll list them below and you just offer.
I won't take anything less than $5 paypal.
Some of them I might sell for higher, because they mean something to me and it's hard to let them go.
Some of them I also never got around to drawing too much, and I'd rather them not rot.
Some of these have a few pieces of art to go with them. The more art, the more you'll probably have to offer.

P.S. I don't care if you change the name or edit the design once bought. Ones that weren't designed by me will say so.
:bulletgreen: - Available
:bulletyellow: - On hold
:bulletred: - Sold

writing on the walls by pandapoots…
I have the alt on furcadia. If you're interested in buying the alt name too, then go ahead and offer for it.

The sound of my only hope by pandapoots
(really old neopet of mine)
There are tons of art of her, so I'll just post her petpage. Sorry it's all messed up, it's been a while since I've touched it.
Won't take any less than $25 for her, because of all her art and how attached I am.

(lead singer of Hey Monday)

Old neopet, I probably don't have access to him anymore on there and I haven't drawn him in years.

:bulletgreen:Methamphetamine, or 'Meth':bulletgreen:…

That's it! note me if interested in any of these or if you have questions~

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Is Suzette still on hold?

If it's possible for me to adopt her, how much would you like?

It's a very nice character. Let me know ^^
It's currently up for auction!
wolfdogwolf Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I would kill for Ferocious. Of course, I don't have any money or gd. xP
fero uuuuuuu
Is the Jackal's name Roadkill? It'd make sense, considering his street-like markings on his back. XD
it doesn't have a name. it was going to be something like interstate, but i gave that alt to a friend.
Haha, it could be a suggestion then.
I want that cat O_O
Sooooo cute.
littlestwings Aug 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
God I missed so many gorgeous designs! But Lifeline.. is she still free by chance..?
yep, she's still up for sale!
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